Quality Control in Medical Translations

We recruit medical translators thoroughly and test them continuously. All our translators have the higher medical education; most of them continue to work at medical institutions. There are physicians, surgeons, anesthesiologists, traumatologists, pediatrists, geneticists, clinical pharmacologists and dentists among our staff. When assigning work to translators we consider their medical specialty and experience in translations in specific field of medicine. Translations provided by professional medical translators as well as two-stage check by skilled editor allow us to guarantee the high quality of all our projects.

Requirements for Medical Translation

  • The translation should exactly convey the meaning of the source text
  • Abbreviations and acronyms should be defined properly
  • The terminology used should be commonly accepted in a given field of medicine
  • The translation should be stylistically appropriate

Medical translators should have a good understanding of all details of the source text. Medical texts may often include abbreviations, acronyms and medical jargon that only doctors can understand. Literal word-by-word translation is unacceptable in any field, but in case of medical texts it leads to unrecognizable distortion of meaning, and as a result the translation at the best becomes meaningless.

Translation Quality Management

  • For each project we select medical translators who are specialists in appropriate field
  • All medical translators are thoroughly checked for their qualification
  • Each translation is then closely reviewed by highly experienced medical editor (technical medical texts are additionally checked by technical editor)
  • With the use of translation memory tools (Trados) we are able to ensure consistency of terminology even in very large projects
  • Every translation, regardless of size or urgency undergoes two-stage check; on the first stage, conformity with the source text and correctness of translation of terms, abbreviations and acronyms are checked; on the second stage, we verify consistency of terminology and check the grammar and orthography of the translation

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