Biomedical Translation Services

We carry out translations of any biomedical documentation.

  • Biomedical documentation (patient information and history records, hospital discharge summaries, results of medical examinations, surgery descriptions, medical certificates, etc.);
  • Clinical Trials of pharmaceutical products;
  • Pharmaceutical documentation (drug dossiers, package leaflets, patient & physician information, drug storage & accountability documentation, product labels, documentation on pharmaceutical products quality assurance);
  • Documentation for medical equipment and instrumentation (specifications, instructions for use, user manuals, descriptions, advertising materials, catalogues, presentations);
  • Medical literature (medical periodicals, articles, conference papers, reviews, reference books, guidelines, educational aids for health care professionals and medical students).

We carefully supervise quality of our translations. Biomedical translations are carried out by experts in the given area, having wide experience of work with biomedical texts. Before sending ready translation to the customer, all texts pass careful check by professional editors.

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